Liquid Cinema


A New Approach to Cinematic VR



Liquid Cinema has patent-pending technology to direct user attention, allows the free combination of 360 and traditional footage in one timeline and renders gaze based graphics, text and interactive menus with 6DOF over the video at the time of playback.

Liquid Cinema supports a multi-branching narrative structure and all elements of a project can be customized across platforms and languages within minutes. Since the graphical and interactive layer is not baked into the video, adding languages, or making editorial changes to a project can be done instantly with no video rendering required ever.

Liquid Cinema’s meta-data driven approach completely changes and accelerates the creation process while making the cinematic VR experience what it was meant to be.

Liquid Cinema now has a partnership with 360FLIX allowing creators to upload their projects straight to 360FLIX in seconds for international distribution across multiple platforms.


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