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Thank you for using the Liquid CinemaTM Authoring Tool!

This ground breaking, affordable, and easy-to-use software allows the creation and distribution of interactive video for VR and the flat screen. It gives producers, filmmakers and interactive artists full control over the authoring of their video, without having to write a single line of code.

Liquid Cinema works in conjunction with the Liquid Cinema CMS used by our Enterprise Clients or the 360FLIX CMS for 360FLIX subscribers.

The CMS’s are multi-platform deployment solutions meaning they allow you to publish your content out to multiple devices and platforms.

Liquid Cinema is your one-stop shop to author and distribute your interactive video content for the flat screen and VR to audiences around the world in multiple languages, via web, mobile, dedicated VR devices and smart TV.

Video Tutorial


The Liquid Cinema Authoring Tool is a metadata-driven tool. That means it does not alter your video file, and does not care how your film was shot and edited. Import your finalized videos into the Authoring Tool, and apply the features and events that make your VR or flat screen video interactive.

Learn How To:


Types of Events


The following events can be authored in Liquid Cinema:

  Camera Events

Learn to create a Forced Perspective, change perspective modes, and set your Field of View (FOV).

  Fade Events

Control a programmatic fade in or fade out to/from a defined colour and intensity over time.

  Tween Events

Learn to create a camera move within a set timeframe.

  Text Events*

Learn to add and configure live-rendered text and import fonts using the Liquid Cinema Text Editor.

  Graphic Events

Learn how to add graphical assets to your video in 2D and 3D space

  Picture in Picture (PIP) Events

Learn to use the Picture in Picture Events editor to use more than one video displayed in the player

  Hitbox Events

Learn how to set the hitbox area to trigger interactive events in your video

 Subtitle Events*

Learn how to add subtitles for one or more languages.

* This Feature is Coming Soon

Uploading and Publishing your Content


Before you can publish your authored films onto any platform, you will need to set up your hosting environment and upload your files to a content management system (CMS).

For small and medium-sized businesses we offers 360FLIX: a fully customizable hosting and publishing solution that is offered on a subscription basis. 360FLIX allows you full control over the publication of your project across multiple platforms and devices, and can tie into Vimeo for hosting your video assets.

For large companies such as news agencies and broadcasters, we offer the Liquid Cinema Enterprise CMS solution, which is a customizable content management system with dedicated server infrastructure and full support.