Multi-Platform Selector


->>Work in Progress on Beta Site – Workflow and illustration may differ from the current version of the Authoring Tool<<-

The Multi-Platform Selector allows you to:


  • control on which Platforms an Event will be edited
  • customize Events on a per platform basis.



The Multi-Platform Selector is available on all Event Editing Panels.

Video Tutorial


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Useful Shortcut Keys

You can use the 1 – 7 Keys to quickly switch between platforms.


Press a particular numeric key multiple times to quickly select VR/NonVR groups, all platforms and an individual platform.

Using the Selector

When authoring an Event, you can click one or multiple platforms on the Multi-Platform to select which Platform(s) you want to author. Only the selected platforms will have their settings and values changed as you author Events.

Customize how the Event will be displayed on each platform


  1. Select one or more platforms
  2. Edit the Event
  3. Specifics will be applied to all platforms selected

Auto-detect Discrepancies


The Tool auto-detects when there are discrepancies in the settings and values across the platforms and displays these using a red colour to alert the user. ** not implemented yet

E.g. you are on the Overlay Event Editing panel and have selected Oculus and Web. The same values apply to both platforms except for the scaling of the graphical overlay. The tool will automatically alert you (the input field will turn red) to let you know if you proceed with a new value, a hidden custom value will be overwritten. You can use the Selector to isolate which platform(s) have the custom values.

Remember you can only see the values of the currently selected platform in any Event Editor.