TWEEN Editor

The Tween Event Editor lets you:

create an an automated camera move over a defined duration in time. Find out more about using Tweens.


Tweens are disabled in VR by default as they lead to nausea. However you can override this default setting by checking the enabled box on VR platforms.


Add a TWEEN Event


  1. Click on add_icon next to btn_tween left of the Timeline
  2. A new Event tweenbar will appear on the Timeline
  3. The TWEEN Editor will appear in the Preview Window
  4. Enter a Name (optional)
  5. Move the sphere to endpoint of your tween.
  6. Press SET

Useful Shortcut Keys

Press C to close an Event Editing Panel. The Event Editing Panel closes and the IN and OUT points are cleared from the timeline.


  • Why are Tweens disabled by default on all VR platforms?

    A tween is an automated camera view. On a flat screen it can be very useful to take control of the camera and move it to a specific area of interest that is interesting for a viewer to see. In VR this involuntary camera movement is likely to induce nausea, which is why when you author a Tween it is turned off by default on all the VR platforms. You can override this setting if you need to.