btn_hitbox The Hitbox Event Editor lets you:


Create gaze-based events by specifying an area within the video that triggers an Event or Action when a user looks at it.




  1. Click on add_icon next to btn_hitbox to the left of the Timeline
  2. A new Event  hitboxbar will appear on the Timeline
  3. The HITBOX EDITOR will appear in the PREVIEW WINDOW
  4. Enter a Name (optional)
  5. The Hitbox  is represented by a red area within the PREVIEW WINDOW. Use your mouse or the sliders in the editor to position it.
  6. Use the X and Y sliders in the Hitbox Editor to scale the Hitbox

Give it a name!

Although naming events is optional, it is a very useful thing to do when creating a Hitbox. When you later link an event to a Hitbox it will be easier to find the right Hitbox by name rather than having to remember the ID number assigned to it.

Delete a HITBOX


  1. Double Click on the Event on the Timeline or from the Event List panel
  2. The HITBOX Editor will appear
  3. Click on the delete_icon
  4. A confirmation appears – select “Delete” to permanently delete that Event, or “Keep” to cancel the request

Once deleted, the panel will close and the HITBOX Event will disappear from both the Timeline and the Event list.


If you just want to remove an event from the timeline but don’t want to delete it entirely from the project, unclick the Enabled checkbox instead.

Moving and minimizing the Hitbox Event Editor


  • Click and hold the left mouse button over the top bar to move the panel
  • Click on icon_mini_png on the top right corner of the window to minimize the panel
  • To close the panel click on icon_close_png on the top right corner of the window