Keyboard Shortcuts

Many commands have keyboard shortcut equivalents, so you can complete tasks faster with minimal use of the mouse.

Result Short Cut
Pause/Play Movie Spacebar
Step One Frame Arrow Right
Step Back One Frame Arrow Left
Step 10 Frames Arrow Up
Step Back 10 Frames Arrow Down
Restart Video from Beginning R
Preroll 3 Seconds (When Event is being edited) P
Toggle Frame Indication Modes ; (semicolon)
Cycle Through Viewing Modes (Full Screen) Ctrl+Tab
Change Camera Horizontal Rotation (Shift and Ctrl to modify amplitude) A,D
Change Camera Horizontal Rotation (Shift and Ctrl to modify amplitude) W,S
Toggle Timeline Units between Frames and Time T
Go to Next Event Tab
Go to Previous Event Shift+Tab
Close Event Panel C
Delete Event del
Select Specific Platform 1-7
Select Cardboard 1
Select Daydream 2
Select Gear VR 3
Select Destop VR 4
Select Mobile Non VR 5
Select Web Non VR 6
Select TV Settop Box 7
Create Camera Event Ctrl+1
Create Fade Event Ctrl+2
Create Tween Event Ctrl+3
Create Text Event Ctrl+4
Create Graphic Event Ctrl+5
Create Hitbox Event Ctrl+6
Create Subtitle Event Ctrl+7
Set Inpoint I
Set Outpoint O
Clear In and Outpoint C
New Project Ctrl+N
Open Project Ctrl+O
Close Project Ctrl+W
Save Project Ctrl+S
Upload Project Ctrl+U
Reveal Project Folder Ctrl+R
Quit Project Ctrl+Q
Go To Next Branch B
Go To Previous Branch Shift+B
Return To The Previous Branch After a Jump Ctrl + ← (Left Arrow)
Switch to Branch 1 , 2 … 9 Alt + 1 , Alt + 2 … Alt + 9
Create New Branch Alt+B
Save Branch Alt+S
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Selected Value or Event Ctrl+C
Copy Input Field Value Ctrl+Doubleclick Input Field
Paste Value or Insert Copied Event in Timeline Ctrl+V
Duplicate Event Alt+D
Open Project Details Panel Ctrl+D
Open Branch Details Panel Ctrl+B
Show Memory Panel Ctrl+M
Show Spherical Grid G
Show/Hide Event List Ctrl+F
Show/Hide Branch List Ctrl+Shift+B
Show/Hide Platform Choose Ctrl+P
Show/Hide Performance Indicator Ctrl+V
Show/Hide Settings Panel Ctrl+Y
Zoom In +
Zoom Out – (minus)
Toggle Zoom Z