Keyboard Shortcuts

Many commands have keyboard shortcut equivalents, so you can complete tasks faster with minimal use of the mouse.

Result Short Cut
Pause/Play Movie Spacebar
Step One Frame Arrow Right
Step Back One Frame Arrow Left
Step 10 Frames Arrow Up
Step Back 10 Frames Arrow Down
Restart Video from Beginning R
Preroll 3 Seconds (When Event is being edited) P
Toggle Frame Indication Modes ; (semicolon)
Cycle Through Viewing Modes (Full Screen) Ctrl+Tab
Change Camera Horizontal Rotation (Shift and Ctrl to modify amplitude) A,D
Change Camera Horizontal Rotation (Shift and Ctrl to modify amplitude) W,S
Go to Next Event Tab
Go to Previous Event Shift+Tab
Close Event Panel C
Delete Event del
Select Specific Platform 1-7
Select Cardboard 1
Select Daydream 2
Select Gear VR 3
Select Destop VR 4
Select Mobile Non VR 5
Select Web Non VR 6
Select TV Settop Box 7
Create Camera Event Ctrl+1
Create Fade Event Ctrl+2
Create Tween Event Ctrl+3
Create Text Event Ctrl+4
Create Graphic Event Ctrl+5
Create Hitbox Event Ctrl+6
Create Subtitle Event Ctrl+7
Set Inpoint I
Set Outpoint O
Clear In and Outpoint C
New Project Ctrl+N
Open Project Ctrl+O
Close Project Ctrl+W
Save Project Ctrl+S
Upload Project Ctrl+U
Reveal Project Folder Ctrl+R
Quit Project Ctrl+Q
Go To Next Branch B
Go To Previous Branch Shift+B
Return To The Previous Branch After a Jump Ctrl + ← (Left Arrow)
Switch to Branch 1 , 2 … 9 Alt + 1 , Alt + 2 … Alt + 9
Create New Branch Alt+B
Save Branch Alt+S
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Selected Value or Event Ctrl+C
Copy Input Field Value Ctrl+Doubleclick Input Field
Paste Value or Insert Copied Event in Timeline Ctrl+V
Duplicate Event Alt+D
Open Project Details Panel Ctrl+D
Open Branch Details Panel Ctrl+B
Show Memory Panel Ctrl+M
Show Spherical Grid G
Show/Hide Event List Ctrl+F
Show/Hide Branch List Ctrl+Shift+B
Show/Hide Platform Choose Ctrl+P
Show/Hide Performance Indicator Ctrl+V
Show/Hide Settings Panel Ctrl+Y
Zoom In +
Zoom Out – (minus)
Toggle Zoom Z