FADE Editor

Why use Fades?

A programmatic fade has the advantage that it will show a gradual change of colour over time, without showing any pixellation or compression. Often in VR when a fade to black or fade from black is being used in the footage (‘baked in’), compression is seen which can be distracting to the user. By using programmatic fades, you avoid seeing these unwanted artifacts.


  • Why should I not use baked in fades in the 360 video I’m authoring?

    One of the advantages of Liquid Cinema is that fades are live rendered at the time of playback. We did this so that you can avoid the nasty compression artefacts that are associated with baked in fades in video. While these artefacts are acceptable in a regular video, in VR they mean that your “world” is littered with little dancing black squares, which can take you out of the experience. If you author your fades in Liquid Cinema you will have smooth perfects fades every time, even if you have a low resolution video stream.