Creating Jump Actions




Jump Actions allow a user to jump from one narrative branch to another within a multi-branching project.


Liquid Cinema allows the following types of jumps:


1. Jumps between any types of branch (still or video).

2. Jumps within a branch.

3. Jumps to any frame of any branch.

4. Same frame jumps when jumping to another branch (Video A is at frame 100 and jumps to frame 100 of video B).

5. Jump to the entry point of the experience.

6. Back Jumps, which takes the user back to the previous branch.


Jumps can be initiated by:


1. An interaction with a graphic.

2. An interaction with a text.

3. A hitbox.

4. On Complete Behaviour at the end of a timeline.



Customizing Forced Perspective on Jumps


Jumps can utilize three kinds of Forced Perspective:


1. None: The Forced Perspective of the target branch is applied.

2. Current: The current Perspective is applied to the target branch.

3. Custom: A custom Forced Perspective is applied to the target branch.