btn_overlay The Graphic Event Editor lets you:

include a graphical asset within your spherical video, animate graphics and make your graphic interactive by assigning an Action Event to it.

Video Tutorial

Please note, the video tutorials were creatd with an older version of Liquid Cinema, and may have outdated interface elements. 

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Add a new Graphic Event


  1. Set an IN and OUT point in the timeline.
  2. Click on add_icon next to btn_overlay the left of the Timeline
  3. A new Event overlaybar will appear on the Timeline
  4. The GRAPHIC EVENT EDITOR will appear

Import a Graphic asset


  1. Drag and drop JPEG or PNG files on the PREVIEW WINDOW.
  2. The authoring tool will ask if you wish to copy the files into the Assets folder of your project. Click on YES.
  3. On the GRAPHIC EVENT EDITOR, click on the empty thumbnail square
  4. The SOURCE IMAGE WINDOW now let’s you browse all images accessible to the project. Hover over the image to see its dimensions. Click the image to select it.
  5. The selected image can now be seen as a thumbnail on the Main tab of the GRAPHIC EDITOR At the same time the image appears in the PREVIEW WINDOW of the Authoring Tool for further manipulation.

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Importing Multiple Images

Drag multiple image files onto the Preview Window to save time.


Using 2D graphics versus 3D (Spherical) Graphics

The Graphic Editor allows you to place graphics either within the the two-dimensional frame of the viewing window, or place them within a three dimensional space, as part of your 360 sphere.

Spherical (3D) graphics can are pinned to the 360 video sphere at a given horizontal and vertical rotation point and move with the video sphere.

2D graphics will always appear statically in front of you and will not move along with the 360 video when looking around. They appear to be flat, not part of the 360 environment.

Take a look at the 2D title below. For a web browser, it is fine if it appears as a 2D image in the middle of the screen, and stays in the middle regardless of where you look.

In VR however, it feels more natural if the title is spherical, meaning it moves along with the 360 sphere. Here the Graphic Type is set to 3D:

Since 2D-Type graphics do not work well in VR, we have suppressed the use of 2D mode in VR.  In non-VR, both 3D and 2D Type can work well for graphics.


  1. Click on a Graphic Event on the Timeline
  2. The Graphic Editor will appear
  3. Click on delete_icon
  4. A confirmation appears – select “”Delete”” to permanently delete that Event across all platforms, or “Cancel” to cancel the request

Once deleted, the GRAPHIC EVENT EDITOR will close and the Event will disappear from the Timeline.

  • Can I place Graphical Overlays over 3D 360 footage?

    You will have to be careful when adding graphics to 3D footage because the depth positioning of the graphic may overlap with the depth of the items in the 3D footage. The user will see items with opposing depths and that could become disorienting or ruin the 3D nature of the footage as perceived by the user..