The Subtitle editor lets you:

Add subtitles to and modify exiting subtitles in your Project


Learn how to:

  • add subtitles to your Project
  • create a new language version of your subtitle
  • edit existing subtitles in your Project



Add a Subtitle Event


  1. Set an IN point in the Timeline
  2. Click on next to left of the Timeline
  3. A new Event will appear on the Timeline
  4. If you don’t already have subtitles in your project, you will be asked what language your subtitle is. Enter the language in the empty field using the reference list of language short codes.

  5. The SUBTITLE Event Editor will appear in the Preview Window

Change the Subtitle Language Display

If  your project has multiple subtitle languages, you can switch between the languages by selecting a language from the Subtitle drop down menu on the Playback Control Bar


Add a New Subtitle Language