All Liquid Cinema players record the viewer’s gaze four times a second. After the viewer finishes watching a video this gaze data is sent back to our servers and aggregated into a heatmap. Heatmaps are made of millions of gaze points which are constantly updated. The Heatmap Viewer that comes with the Liquid Cinema platform visualizes this data by superimposing this data on the video to see how the gazes are distributed over time. The red areas of the heatmap indicate the areas with the most gazes.

View a live heat map from our  Edge of Space Project. (Produced with KonceptVR /courtesy ARTE.)

Launch Live Heat Map – Chrome Browser Only

Using Local 360 Videos

If you have the local offline video files of a project for which a heatmap exists, you can drag the project folder on top of the heatmap player for offline viewing and instant results.