What are Events?

Events are executed by the Liquid Cinema™ player during playback of your video to add interactivity, graphics, and adjust camera behaviour, projection modes and more. Created by you with the Liquid Cinema Authoring Tool, Events give you more control over how your video is being experienced by a viewer, and ultimately allow for a more immersive, interactive experience.

Events are live-rendered during the time of playback on the various devices and do not touch or alter your video layer. Since they are not ‘baked into’ the footage, there is no need to re-render footage when making changes to Events. With the Liquid Cinema™ Authoring Tool you can create and live-update Events in matter of minutes, without needing to write a single line of code!


Types of Events


Liquid Cinema can author the following types of Events. Click on any one to find out more.

  Camera Events

Learn to create a Forced Perspective, change perspective modes, and set your Field of View (FOV).

  Fade Events

Control a programmatic fade in or fade out to/from a defined colour and intensity over time.

  Tween Events

Learn to create a camera move within a set timeframe.

Text Events

Learn to add and configure live-rendered text and import fonts using the Liquid Cinema Text Editor.

  Graphic Events

Learn how to add graphical assets to your video in 2D and 3D space

  Picture in Picture Events

Learn to use the Picture in Picture Events editor to use more than one video displayed in the player

  Hitbox Events

Learn how to set the hitbox area to trigger interactive events in your video

 Subtitle Events

Learn how to add subtitles for one or more languages.

Action Events

Learn how to create an interactive, branching video by using Action Events



Timeline Events

Most Events are linked to the Timeline. They have a fixed IN and OUT point, and DURATION, and are represented by a coloured bar on the Timeline. There are however some events that are not on the Timeline. Take an Action Event for example.  The Action Event specifies a certain behaviour to be triggered by for instance Graphic or a Hitbox. The Hitbox can be on the timeline, and linked to the Action Event.

Event List

To reveal the events that are present in your Project, go to View>Event List or hit Ctrl+F on your Keyboard.

The Event List window will pop up. At the top, you will see a row of icons representing the different types of events.  Click on any one of the icons to pull up the list