Supported Platforms

Liquid Cinema allows true multi-platform authoring of your content as it supports a wide range of VR and non-VR platforms.

Before choosing the right platform and product; ask yourself how you want your content to be watched. Do you want your own branded app? Which platforms do you wish to publish to? Do you want to show your content internally, or to a wide audience?

Liquid Cinema builds custom apps, but also provides off-the-shelf solutions and player SDK’s. For a quotation, visit our Pricing section.


LIQUID CINEMA™ supports the following platforms:


VR Platforms:

icon_mobile_vr  Mobile VR (iOS/Android Cardboard)

icon_daydream  Daydream

icon_vr  GearVR & Oculus Go

icon_vive  Desktop VR (Oculus Rift)

Non-VR Platforms:

icon_mobile_selected 360 Mobile flatscreen (iOS and Android)

icon_web  360 Desktop flatscreen

icon_apple  360 TV (Apple TV)