Multi-Lingual Authoring




Liquid Cinema has a multi-lingual workflow that allows the authoring of projects in several content languages at once. Multiple Language versions of a video and graphics in multiple languages are kept in sync in the authoring tool. When a project is later played back on a device that is set to a particular language, the player will automatically display the graphic or video associated with that language. For this to work seamlessly Liquid Cinema projects need to be published to a cloud-based CMS and distribution solution like 360FLIX. that supports multi-lingual deployment and the Liquid Cinema Project Format.


Default Language


Every project has a default language, which is set when the Project Was Created. Once the default language is set you cannot change it. However, you can add as many new languages to a project as you like. This can be done at any time.


Adding New Languages to a Project


A new language is added to a project automatically when:


1. A graphic of another language is added to the project.


2. A video of another language is added to a project.


FAQ – Working with Multiple Languages